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2011 EUCR-E  information : Maribor July 1st-3rd
Final Results

On July 1st-3rd we had some intense games at Frisbix tournament (www.frisbix.com) which was this year's EUCR-E. Congratulations to the teams that participated and that have qualified!!
1. Hot Beaches (qualified)
2. Eyecatchers (qualified)
3. Lay-D's
4. Huntimate
5. Whatever
Box (disqualified)
ToMiDeli (out of competition)
SOTG: Eyecatchers
1. Silence (qualifier)
2. Thebigez (qualified)
3. MorHo! (qualified)
4. LOL (qualified)
5. Catchup
6. Uprising
7. Huck Norris
8. Innsiders
9. Upsadaisy
10. Girl Stays Home
11. Hallodigaz-E?
12. 2EZ
SOTG: Silence
As we have always been very supportive of spirited Ultimte, JUMP+REACH / GAIA Europe is this year supporting us with the GAIA Spirit Sponsorship concept. Silence and Eyecatchers won beautiful unique designer discs. Such discs cannot be bought anywhere; you can only win them as a SOTG award by showing the highest spirit for a full weekend of high level competitive Ultimate. So whenever someone will see you throw that disc around, they will immediately know you are a spirited team.

2011 EUCR-E  information : Maribor July 1st-3rd

National Bids for the EUCR-E 2011 have been distributed as follow:

West Section (Austria): 4 bids
Central Section (Czech Rep., Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary): 7 bids
East Section (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldava): 1 Bid

West Section (Austria): 3 bids
Central Section (Czech Rep., Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary): 5 bids
East Section (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldava): 0 Bid

The EUCR-E 2011 will take place as in the past years in Maribor from July 1st to July 3rd.  The Tournament Director is Blaz Jakopin

2011 EUCF information:
Central has been awarded 1 Open-Elite, 3 Open-Challanger and 2 Women bids for the 2011 EUCF.

Eastern Regional information

The Eastern region consists of the following countries:

Poland - Czech Rep - Austria - Slovakia - Slovenia - Croatia - Belarus - Ukraine - Hungary 

The Regional Series Committee (RSC) for East is:

Maciej Kolodziejczyk , Poland
Ewa Banbula , Poland
Petr "Carlos" Kotesovec , Czech Rep
Katka Hellmann , Czech Rep
Andrea "Oddi" Furlan , Austria

Sigrid Bertha , Austria
Richard Kollar , Slovakia
Katka Bodova , Slovakia

Blaz Jakopin , Slovenia
Urska Humar , Slovenia
-vacant- , Croatia
-vacant- , Croatia

-vacant- , Belarus
-vacant- , Belarus

Dmitry Strelchyn , Ukraine
-vacant- , Ukraine

Gabor Baross , Hungary
Mariann Vladar , Hungary

The CSC representatives for the East Region are:

Gabor Baross , Hungary
Katka Hellmann , Czech Rep

Questions for the E RSC may be addressed to ERSC(at)eucs.efdf.org.
More infos about the East region can be found here.

Questions for the E RSC may be addressed to ERSC(at)eucs.efdf.org

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2011 EUCS Rules

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2011 CSC Committee

Andrea "Oddi" Furlan,  Chair
Ruediger Veitl, DE, C
-- vacant --
Katka Svobodova, CZ, E
Gabor Barross, H, E
Paul Eriksson, SE, N
Alina Dunaeva RUS, N
David Moser, CH, S
Silvia Sabino, FR, S
Si Hill, UK, W
Aura Mackenzie, UK, W